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Our mission
Our responsibility
Who we are

Who we are

BCT Metals is a metal trading company specialized in a wide and extend range of different Ferrous and Non Ferrous products.​

​Our market knowledge, combined with our expertise, allow us to supply our customers with the perfect products to fulfill their needs.

Besides, BCT Metals has agreements with top global companies that reinforce the strength and provide sustainability to the company.

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​Our mission

In BCT metals our mission is to work closely with our clients and fully understand their own needs, providing them with top quality products, to improve their brands and to ​enable their success ​in the global marketplace.​​


Our team is build up by a group of professionals and experts in the metal market, that work closely with contractors and end users enabling customers to benefit from additional products and services.


Our target is to always assure the best quality and agility on all the operations, and with the ability to provide exceptional customer  service and clients support.

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Our Responsibility

Nowadays a majority of metals can be recycled without loss of quality, and they can continually recover their original properties even following multiple recycling cycles.

One of the keys to sustainability is to make sure none of these smaller pieces are left behind. Each of them count to make sure the cycle continues and we can provide a support in any way to the environmental situation at the moment.

Recycling metal reduces the amount of energy and waste, while preventing the need for additional mining, which provides great benefits and a great support to the environment.

In BCT Metals we are compromised to make a difference.

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